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.You can contact Carmine at
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.Carmine has a Myspace site at
.And his band Sunblood has one also


Anderwood Koa L Anderwood Koa L Special Edition

Antonio Tsai Parlor Antonio Tsai Parlor

Carter D10 Carter D10

Carvin DC 135 Carvin DC 135

Carvin LB 75 Carvin LB 75

Cort C5H Cort C5H

Epiphone Blackstone Epiphone Blackstone

Fender Stratocaster Fender Stratocaster

Fender Telecaster Fender Telecaster

Fender Telecaster B Bender Fender Telecaster Nashville with B Bender

Fine Resophonic Style O Fine Resophonic Style O

Fuzzy Buffalo Queen B Fuzzy Buffalo Queen B

Gibson ES 150 DC Gibson ES 150 DC

Gibson Firebird V Gibson Firebird V

Gibson J 200 Gibson J 200

Gibson Les Paul Custom Gibson Les Paul Custom

Gibson Nighthawk Gibson Nighthawk

Gold Tone OB-150 Gold Tone Orange Blossom OB-150

Gold Tone PBS Gold Tone PBS

Gretsch 6120 TM Gretsch 6120 TM

Gretsch Country Classic Gretsch Country Classic I

Guild F30-12 Guild F30-12

Gumbo Utah Gumbo Utah

Harmony H 165 Harmony H 165

Harmony H 1215 Harmony H 1215 Archtone

Harmony H 1270 Harmony H 1270

Heritage H 535 Heritage H 535

Jos Rauscher Jos Rauscher

Kay Jumbo Kay Jumbo

Lag TKU10S Lag TKU10S

Leduc Bass Leduc Bass

Leduc Explorer Leduc Explorer

Levin W32 Levin W32

Martin HJ 28 Martin HJ 28

Ovation Classic Ovation Classic

Queguiner Studio Model Queguiner Studio Model

Regal Regal

Rickenbacker 360/12 Rickenbacker 360/12

Squier Modified Vintage Baritone Jazzmaster Squier Modified Vintage Baritone Jazzmaster

Taisamlu F Mandocello Taisamlu F5 Mandocello

Taisamlu Mandola Taisamlu F5 Mandola

Taisamlu OM Koa Taisamlu OM Koa

Taylor 214 CE N Taylor 214 CE N

Taylor 614 CE Taylor 614 CE

Veillette-Citron Veillette-Citron

Weber F5 Weber F5

Wolbold Cigar Box Guitar Wolbold The Jack