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Want to see Carmine live? To not miss his next show? The flyers are here and let you know about his next gigs.

.You can contact Carmine at
.Or contact the webmaster at

.Carmine has a Myspace site at
.And his band Sunblood has one also


Old pictures
Old photos

The first Sunblood concerts
Sunblood photos

Some concerts by Carmine
Concert Carmine

Carmine playing for France-Musique radio
France-Musique photos

Sunblood at the Zenzilé
Sunblood Zenzilé

Carmine in Compiègne
Concert Carmine

Sunblood at the Macadam
Sunblood Compiegne

Carmine in Charantenay
Concert Carmine

Carmine at the Margno-Blues
Carmine au Margno

Sunblood in Essert
Sunblood Essert

Carmine in Lepuix-Gy
Concert Carmine

Carmine playing swing fingerpicking
Swing Carmine

Carmine in Colorado

Carmine at the Moraines

Romantic Swing in Rungis
Swing Carmine

Dordogne Summer 2019
Dordogne 2019

Carmine à L'avalon
Carmine Avalon

Chenaud October 2019

Sermamagny 2019