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Carmine Roots

France sure ain't the country where blues is a king, many say it's an influence but just a few really have the soul of the blues. To prepare a blues show in such a country is a challenge, that's why it took so much time for Carmine to do it. Of course, he was thinking of it since many years but he didn't dare to "jump" and start it for real. And one day, he had no choice, he felt he "had" to do it. No need for a band because, for years, Carmine was playing the blues alone with his guitar for friends and was not feeling any restriction with these simple arrangements. But no electric guitar for this project, he wanted the true sound of wood, the sound that talks straight to the hearts with sincerity.

With the blues in mind

Carmine was still in his childhood when he discovered the blues, and since that day, blues has never left him. Of course, he has walked his guitar in various lands but blues always remained in his heart. From time to time, he was playing some blues onstage but not on a regular basis, most of the time blues was kept for family and friends. Nevertheless, blues is much more than just music, it is a state of mind, and even a way of life. We don't play the blues, we got it or we just play some pale cover songs with no interest. Some think the blues is always sad, of course it's not true! And when you find sadness in blues, it is more than often turned into mockery. The lyrics are almost always two sided, and when you oppose both, you usually find a new light which leads to a philosophy of life! The one who's able to understand these hidden meanings then discover how much humanity stands behind those words. A quick and superficial listening usually shows only a primitive and naïve side. But don't get fooled, what's said or suggested by those words is often deeper than what we encounter in so called "lyrics with a meaning"… Carmine loves this simplicity, it is so touching that the emotion is pure and strong and remain in your heart forever. Music is then only a vehicle, what's important is the feeling it makes grow inside you.

The blues can't be learned but it can be developed. At the beginning, one confusedly feel that something is happening when he listen to it or when he plays it and little by little it takes up the one that it got. This has happened to Carmine, as for many others. Slowly, blues made its way. No use to imagine that it is necessary to have worked in a cotton field or to be black to feel all its aspects, famous examples bring the proof of it. The blues is profoundly humanist, it replaces the various aspects of the life at their just value, he also allows to better handle the events of life. Contrary to what people usually believe, the blues is hope. Anyway, we do not choose the blues, it is him who chooses you, those who were never touched by its grace cannot understand, they just can hope that one day they'll be par of the happy few. Carmine wanted to make a show based mainly on the blues, one day this wish turned into necessity!

Good Vibrations

A concert by Carmine Ghersi is a unique experience, the artist does not only present his songs, he offers a real moment of exchange, enjoyment and friendship with the public. Starting with the first tune, feet begin to beat the measure, and everybody knocks in hands as soon as he plays the second one. Of course, those first songs are blues standards and it helps. But when Carmine sings his own compositions, hands continue to strike the rhythm. And even louder! And it's the same for singing! Carmine's new songs are entertaining and easy to remember, soon the public is transformed into a huge choir. Some songs are already known by those who heard them, as for example I beg your pardon or Hot in Detroit. But there are also the other strong moments when everybody holds his breath, like in Ten Years After reprise Love like a man or in the autobiographical tune I missed my first train. During these songs, Carmine's left hand runs back and forth along the neck of the guitar in all directions, passing even sometimes above. And then there are the moments when the time stops, those moments of a big intensity. Slow blues filled up with a sensibility which cannot leave you indifferent. A Carmine Ghersi's concert, it is two unforgettable hours, a real journey where the artist takes everybody by the hand to make him visit the places he loves.

When all is gone

The next step is of course the CD, Carmine is proud of it. Only new songs recorded in an intimate atmosphere with a lot of acoustic guitars. That's true it is at the opposite side of what is done actually, it is not as easy to listen to it as it is for sophisticated arrangements, but you'll just have to let the music enter yourself to see, no, to feel all the sincerity in Carmine's music. And there is also the magic of Carmine's playing which lets you hear notes he did not play, they develop in your head and you hear them with such a strength that you would swear to have really heard them… This CD will be a striking event, you can dowload it in the music section.

Carmine Express

Carmine now plays with Dominique Dupré on percussions, it boosts energy, their blues reaches heights. Soon you'll see photos and videos of this band called Carmine Express but you can discover Dominbique on his own page, it's here.

Below, you can have an idea of what is a Carmine Ghersi's show, simply click on each of the videos to watch them. Of course, it will never be the same as to attend a real concert…

Look at the pictures of Carmine on the Photos page.