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.You can contact Carmine at
.Or contact the webmaster at

.Carmine has a Myspace site at
.And his band Sunblood has one also

Carmine Videos

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Romantic Swing

on electric guitar

on acoustic guitar


Carmine on the radio

Radio programs with Carmine.
Choose the program in the list and clic on it in the player. Sorry, it is in french, but with a lot of english...

1. Carmine Ghersi talks to Eric Appollinaire on LaNotePicking Radio
2. Sunblood, Carmine's band, live on France Inter radio, talking and playing in Laurent Lavige program
3. A journey in the US southwest, in the four corners area, looking for what's left of the ancient pueblos people, ancestors of the modern pueblo tribes like the Hopis.
4. In the heart of the rodeo, more poetic that one could think...
5. American Indians take the best from the old world and from the new world. Interesting to see how they adapt to modern life keeping their traditions alive. A discovery of Arapahoes' and Lakotas' actual life.
6. Eric Nicolas lives in Louisiana, he has his own swamp. He speaks french, cajun exactly. Not always easy to understand...
7. Cheyenne, Wyoming, welcomes you...
8. The story of Gibson guitars told by Carmine Ghersi and played by actors.

Lecteur mp3 en flash, merci Neolao

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Carmine on France Musique Radio

Carmine sur France-Musique Carmine sur France-Musique

Les contes du jour et de la nuit

Choose the tale you want to hear and clic on it in the players below to listen to the voice of Véronique Sauger and the guitars of Carmine Ghersi. Of course, it's better if you understand french...

# 1

# 2

Carmine sur France Musique Carmine sur France Musique Carmine sur France Musique

# 3

# 4

Ecrire à l'oreille / NRF Gallimard

# 5

with Rico Raja on bass