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Stuck in a shell

Carmine Ghersi

Stuck in a shell, thinking life was just a role
You found the right key and you opened up my soul
It feels like I didn't live before, but I do now
Keep doing what you're doing, cause you know how

I lived in a colourless world in my own sphere
Time was ticking away, but one day you were there
You lifted me high up into the air, out of the rain
I couldn't believe it, am I right or quite insane?

The feelings inside me have started to awake
I need you to help me find the paths to make
You have got what it takes to take me somwhere
I sure don't know where, but I wanna go right there

Life hasn't been kind, not making much sense
Until you came along, I was stuck behind a fence
You're pulling away every plank in the way
Making me feel free, so here I want to stay

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