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слова песен

Hot in Detroit

Carmine Ghersi

She was getting hot in Detroit
Hot, hot, hot, in Detroit
It was stronger than her No matter who was around
In Detroit she was getting hot

Early morning in the daylight, we get up in Cheyenne
Wyoming Breakfest, that's all but an end
A last look around, time to wave some friends

West Lincolnway under the wheels, Southbound I 25
Passed the buffalo, Landmark of the stateline
Teardrop in her eye, a cool 75

Downtown Denver in sight
We'll miss the western light
Final check, we go to the gate
Got the pass, we won't be late

A sad last look at the mountains, nobody seems to care
Already up high, not here, no more there,
The flight turned her on, she was not aware

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