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Epiphone Blackstone

Epaminondas Stathopoulos still ran his factory on the island of Manhattan in New York City when this guitar was made in 1941. This was well before the Asian production, well before the acquisition by Gibson, and even before the disputes between the Stathopoulos brothers following the death of Epi ... This archtop was already among the best at that time, it has aged well and nothing has changed. The neck looks and feels like a modern one, charming and delicate tuners who work good and a sound explaining why the Epiphones at that time enjoyed such a reputation Gibson was jealous of. Power is correct, the spectral balance is very good, the delicacy of the notes is a feast for the ears, especially since the grain has the warmth from the roots and express the fervor of the player. Built in 1941 in the United States.

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